Tuesday, July 11

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9:15-10:00 (Amphitheatre)

The Chinese Complex

The Heart of Harp- Lili (harp), Bojie Li (guqin), Shengbao Ding (Flute)

Cinq Stades de L’existence, A new piece for harp solo written by Chen Yao, Professor in Composition at the Central Conservatory of Music in China, performed by Grace Guo

Joy Yu Hoffman-Capable of playing both the western harp and the Konghou, Joy Yu Hoffman will play a mixture of music genres on the Konghou.

10:30-11:15 (Amphitheatre)

Tribute Concert to J.M. Damase

Chantal Mathieu, Veronika Lemishenko and Sakuya Koda (soprano) will present a program in memory of J. M. Damase, the French pianist, conductor and composer.

11:45-12:45 (Amphitheatre)

Music of Liszt- Harp Virtuoso Sylvain Blassel will dazzle audience with his own transcription of music by Liszt.

16:30-17:45 (Amphitheatre)

Harp and Small Ensemble

Paul Patterson-Spider Web. Harpist, Rebekka Frömling, with WHC Festival Chamber Ensemble

The Lament of Cai Yan - an opera by Chinese librettist Zhang Er and American composer Gregory Youtz. The performance will include a soprano (Li Yang), harp (Catherine Case), violin (Leslie Ryang), cello (Ngat-Chau Chan), flute (Jerry Wang), and percussion (Mandy Lo/Abby Chan).

APA Concert Hall

9:15-11:30 (CH)

Focus on Youth
  • Nicolette Chin
    Singapore 21yrs
    1. Improvisations by Mathias
    2. Rhapsodie by Grandjany
    3. Fantaisie by Spohr

  • Maria Bubnova
    Russia 13yrs
    1. Sonata by Cardon
    2. Warum by Zabel
    3. Valse by Gliere
    4. Absidioles by Andres

  • Renee Murphy
    USA 15yrs
    1. des Sylphes by Godefroid
    2. Birds in winter by Mauldin
    3. Sonata by Rosetti

  • Se Hee Hwang
    Korea 21yrs
    1. 3rd moment of sonata by Tailleferre
    2. The Lark by Glinka
    3. Legende by Renie

  • Yuet Kan
    HK 11yrs
    1. Pavane et Bransles by Francisque
    2. Viejo Zortzico by Guridi
    3. Spiders 4th movement Tarantula by Patterson

11:45-12:45 (CH)

Orchestra Mock Audition (final)

14:15-15:45 (CH)

Masterclass by Paul Patterson on the Spider

Nan Wang, Zou Han Jiao, Kexin Chen

16:45-17:45 (CH)

SOJIRO & Yo Saito- Ocarina master SOJIRO and harpist Yo Saito will perform original compositions and classical pieces.

Arpanatolia- a unique group from Turkey that consists of Harp, Lyre and wind instruments. The unique mixture of instruments will create a new and different synthesis. Çağatay Akyol, harp/Ferhat Erdem, pipes, flute & cura/Suat Kuş, percussion/Can Özgün, visual presentation/Bülent Yanıkoğlu, Tonemeister

APA Studio Theatre

9:15-10:15 (ST)

Workshop by Camac Harps: A Look Behind the Strings- a workshop by Liza Jensen

10:30-11:15 (ST)

Personalized Styles for Playing by Heart on the Harp

Emilie Bastens will introduce her research on the effect of knowing your personal learning style for playing by heart. She has devised a 7 step plan to master the art of harp playing.

11:45-12:45 (ST)

New Music

Mario Falcao will be playing a world premiere by Portuguese composer Maria Clotilde Rosa.

Three Spanish Songs by Matthew Tommasini- a piece written for Soprano and Harp. It is based on three contrasting poems by Latin- American poets Leopoldo Lugones, Rubén Darío, and Jose Martí. Performed by June Yu (harp) and Fifi Lee (Soprano).

Kaori Otake-Fusing poem, painting, and the sound of the harp, Kaori Otake will bring forth a different aspect of “Legende,” by Henriette Renie. Mrs. Kayo Otake’s paintings will be displayed for sale and the proceeds of the sale will go to WHC.

14:15-15:15 (ST)

Asian Highlight

Indonesia and Japan
Indonesia’s Heidi Awuy Harp Ensemble is composed of young harpists bringing Indonesian traditional songs to the world, directed by Heidi Awuy.

Japanese harpists/musicians will bring traditional to contemporary music which showcases the rich culture of Japan. Performers include Mai Fukui, Hinako Hara, Kumiko Inoue, Mieko Inoue, Yoko Owada, Fuyuhiko Sasaki, Ayako Shinozaki, Kazuko Shinozaki and Naoko Yoshino.

16:45-17:45 (ST)

The Harp in the Kingdom of Naples

Gabriella Dall'Olio and Sara Simari will introduce this illustrious and little known but fundamentally important chapter of music making around the harp, focusing in XIX century, the golden time of the great Neapolitan school, the 'musicanti' and the great international virtuosos. A musical feast in words, images and sounds. Music by Donizetti, Rossini, Longo, Caramiello.

Hong Kong Cultural Centre

19:30-22:00 (Hong Kong Cultural Centre)

Gala Concerto Night – the Banquet

Four concerti will be presented by four world renowned harpists and one Konghou master, assisted by City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, under the baton of Yang Jiao.

Anneleen Lenaerts: J. Jongen-Concerto for Harp

Florence Sitruk: Detlev Glanert-Concerto for Harp (World Premiere)

XiaoTang Gao: Qing Yang - The Road for Konghou, cello (Artem Konstantinov), double bass (Andrea Pino), and percussion (Simon Williams). (World Premiere)

Baltazar Juárez & Nicolas Tulliez: Manuel Moreno-Buendia-Concerto for Two Harps and Strings

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Grappa’s Cellar

23:00-24:00 (Grappa’s Cellar)

Late Night Jazz Concert

Cristina Braga/Ricardo Medeiros/Antonia Medeiros/Nate Wong