Monday, July 10

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APA Amphitheatre

9:15-10:00 (Amphitheatre)

Latin American Special Effects

Dr. Alfredo Rolando Ortiz will be teaching intermediate to advanced level harpists how to create special effects on any harp. Harpists who wish to expand their horizons and improve their technical skills can learn how to incorporate special techniques into their music, such as: muffled glissandi, “mandolin-like” effects, Paraguayan Bass muffling, and many other interesting effects!

10:30-11:15 (Amphitheatre)

Anna Quiroga (harp)/Shengbao Ding (flute), Lucy Nolan & Duo Scorpio will play music of Paul Patterson, featured composer of the 13th WHC, including Scorpions, a world premiere.

11:30-12:45 (Amphitheatre)

The Crimson Duo

Jaymee Haefner (harp), and Matthew Milweski (violin) will play Patricio da Silva, Kirsten Broberg, Henriette Renié and a world premiere piece written by Gary Schocker.

Harp Meets Bassoon

Delphine Constantin-Reznik (harpist) and Roman Reznik (bassoonist) will present music of Vivaldi, Bach, Schubert, Walter-Kühne and Marcussen.

Sparkling Sounds in the Kingdom of Music

Ensemble REGNUM MUSICALE, a family ensemble consisting of four sisters: Joana Daunytė (harp), Vita Marija Daunytė (flute), Elena Daunytė (cello) and Kotryna Ugnė Daunytė (violin), will bring us Rimsky – Korsakov’s Capriccio Espagnol, and Faustas Latėnas by Pasadoble.

APA Concert Hall

9:15-11:30 (CH)

Focus on Youth
  • Eve Lung
    HK 9yrs
    1. Landscape of Bashu by Huang
    2. The blacksmith by Handel
    3. Viejo Zortzico by Guridi

  • Milo Harper
    UK 19yrs
    1. Fantaisie by Grandjany
    2. Contemplation by Renie
    3. Santa Fe Suite by Mathias

  • Irene Paulette
    Italy 18yrs
    1. 3 Canzoni by Mannino
    2. Des Sylphes by Godefroid
    3. Toccata by Leo

  • Jae In Yoo
    Korea 20yrs
    1. Smetana Moldau
    2. Patterson- Spiders.

  • Tjasha Gafner
    Switzerland 17yrs
    1. Sarabande E Toccata by Rota
    2. Lalita-Nartya poème by Coulomb
    3. Partita by Bach

  • Abigail Kent
    USA 22yrs
    1. Legend by Renie
    2. Sublimation by Siochi

11:45-12:45 (CH)

Orchestra Mock Audition

APA Studio Theatre

9:15-10:00 (ST)

Alexander Technique

Robert Schubert will teach harpists of all levels how to improve their performance both mentally and physically. The Alexander Technique focuses on the unconscious and habitual ways of human beings and teaches us how to have control over these aspects.

10:15-11:00 (ST)

Gabriella Dall'Olio will talk about and perform Ginastera's Sonatina, a once forbidden piece by the composer himself.

Greek-Canadian composer Constantine Caravassilis’s new work for harp duo, Three Dances for Ocyrrhoe, will be presented by Canadian harpists Joy Yeh and Andrew Chan.

11:45-12:45 (ST)

In/between: A Theatrical Song Cycle

South African composers Franco Prinsloo and Pieter Bezuidenhout transformed the text of Chinese poetry from Tang Dynasty to music, performed by harpist Judy Ho and soprano Jessica Ng


Ophélia Grimm and her crossover band, Paris’Click, will have a performance that mixes classical music influences, theater and performance, harp and rock music.

Dance Studio #1

11:45-12:45 (Dance Studio #1)

Dance Music Workshop

Helga Storck and dancer Dr. Barbara Dutkiewicz will conduct the 3-day workshop on dance music, assisted by Julia Lopuszynska.

  1. Court dances: Pavane, Menuett, Gavotte
  2. Social dances: Waltz, Tango, Polka
  3. Polish dances: Mazurek, Polonez, Krakowiak