Sunday, July 9

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APA Amphitheatre

11:00-12:00 (Amphitheatre)

A Morning of Ensembles

Featuring harp ensembles from around the world, A Morning of Ensembles will include spectacular performances from many ensembles such as Silicone Valley Ensemble, The HarpBeats, Australasian Orchestra, Soka-J. Molnar Ensemble, and the Victoria Quartet from Hong Kong.

12:15-12:45 (Amphitheatre)

Harpist Fanfen Tai and violinist I-Ching Li will present music by Spohr, Renie, and a special piece dedicated to harp legendary Susann McDonald, Vals for Susann by Aaron Travers.

14:15-15:00 (Amphitheatre)

The Toccata Project

A voyage through harp Toccatas that guides harpists to find new harp identities. From rhythmic movement to “the touch”, Elisa Netzer will underline some exciting musical features rarely associated with the harp.

Unknown British Music for Harp

Sandrine Chatron will present two pieces by York Bowen and Cyril Scott, dedicated to two great British harpists of the last century, Gwendolin Mason and Sidonie Goossens. Rarely performed, and recorded for the first time on Chatron's CD, A British Promenade, these pieces are merit discovery.

15:15-16:15 (Amphitheatre)


Ailie Robertson-1st prize winner at the Inaugural London Harp Competition, Ailie Robertson is most notable for her fusion of Scottish, Irish, and contemporary styles.

Erik Groenestein-Hendriks - Principal Harpist at the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and the Swedish National Orchestra, will be joined by flutist Anders Jonhäll to present a program by Debussy and Francaix.

17:00-17:45 (Amphitheatre)

Solo Recital

Jana Boušková – World renowned harpist belonging to the elite category. Jana has performed at many of the world’s most prestigious concert halls.

APA Concert Hall

9:15-11:30 (Concert Hall)

Focus on Youth
  • Woojin Lee
    Korea 19yrs
    1. Nino Rota: Sarabanda e Toccata
    2. Franz Liszt: Liebesträume No. 3
    3. Henriette Renié: Ballade Fantastique

  • Ran Zhan
    China 13yrs
    1. Sonata in C minor by Dussek
    2. La Source by Zabel
    3. Élégie by Andres

  • Nadia Domik
    Serbia 17yrs
    1. Serbian Dance by Nikolic
    2. Spiders by Patterson
    3. Carnival by Godefroid

  • Elin Kelly
    Uk 21yrs
    1. Fantaisie by Grandjany
    2. Impromptu by Faure
    3. Dance from Kafka Chimp by J. Metcalf

  • Sapphire Ho
    Singapore 17yrs
    1. Variation on a theme of Paganini , arranged by Mchedelov.
    2. Water Dance by Katryna Tan.
    3. Une Châtelaine en sa tour by Faure

  • Marina Chudakova
    Russia 21yrs
    1. Pavane et Bransles by A. Francisque
    2. Rhapsody by Grandjany

11:45-12:45 (Concert Hall)

Orchestra Mock Audition

Juries will be present to provide comments and feedbacks. A list of excerpts is provided below. Jury members include Karen Vaughan, Nicolas Tulliez, Baltazar Jarez, Kathy Kienzle, Anneleen Lenaerts and Isabelle Perrin.

  1. Britten- Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, harp solo and fugue entry
  2. Donizetti- harp solo from Lucia di Lammermoor (Orchestral version in D major, optional cadenza, own choice)
  3. Ravel- opening two pages of Tzigane
  4. Tchaikovsky- Swan Lake cadenza
  5. Berlioz- Symphonie Fantastique, harp 1, two pages
  6. Mahler- Symphony No.5, Adagietto
  7. Prokofiev- Violin Concerto No.1, movement 3
  8. R.Strauss- Dance of the Seven Veils from “Salome”
  9. Verdi- Force of Destiny Overture, harp 1
  10. Wagner- Magic Fire Music from Die Walküre

14:15-15:45 (Concert Hall)

Masterclass with Milda Agazarian

  1. Tara Viscardi (Ireland), Rachmaninoff: Romance
  2. Yoojin Oh (Korea), Gliere: Concerto for Harp, 1st movement
  3. Arina Harada (Japan), Houdy: Sonata

16:00-16:30 (Concert Hall)

Ravel: Tzigane Fantasie

Chinese harpist Jia Peng, a prize winner of multiple harp competitions, together with Angela Chan, the first prize winner of the 2016 Louis Spohr Competition for Young Violinists will present this breath-taking master piece.

Johann Wilhelm Hertel: Concerto in D-Major

One of the most active harpists in Germany, Silke Aichhorn will be playing the Hertel Concerto accompanied by Hong Kong world renowned pianist Ernest So.

17:00-18:00 (Concert Hall)

Jazz Concert

Brazilian harpist Cristina Braga and bassist Ricaro Medeiros will present music from their latest record-Bossa Nova Jazz, joined by singer Antonia Medeiros. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYmCJTWRYcE&feature=youtu.be)

The Julie Campiche Quartet Julie presents us her last creation with a new generation of Swiss musicians, the Julie Campiche Quartet. This new project evolves in a strangely melancholic atmosphere with out-of-sync cinematic grooves.

APA Studio Theatre

9:15-10:15 (ST)

First Aid for Little Harp Problems and Special Developments of Horngacher

10:30-11:45 (ST)

Paper Presentation - Historical Harp Research

  1. Featuring the works of Charles Egan, Mary Louise and Teresa O’Donnell will analyse compositional techniques and assess significance of manuals in the context of contemporary approaches to harp pedagogy.
  2. A Rich and Varied Program: Making the Most of Scores in the International Harp Archives- David Day will provide guideline on how to access scores of the International Harp Archives.
  3. Ireland and the European Pedal Harp Tradition- Clare McCague will introduce the history and development of the harp in Ireland by focusing on the European pedal harp tradition.

12:00-12:45 (ST)

Chamber Music

  1. Héloïse Dautry (harp) and Camilla Hoitenga (flute) will present two pieces written by contemporary composers
  2. Harp Duet with Milena Stanisic and Ljiljana Nestorovska featuring music by Serbian composers.

14:00-15:00 (ST)

Asian Highlight

This evenings Asian Highlight will feature music from Malaysia and China:
Malaysia Highlight: Penang Harpers will be playing a magnificent Malaysian harp piece.
China Highlight:
  1. “Three Movements of Plum- blossoms” played by Xueyao Li (Harp) and Haopeng Sun (Zither)
  2. “Face Mask” played by Xiaotang Gao (Konghou)
  3. “Falling Petals for Harp Quartet” arranged by Zhang Xiao-Zhen
  4. Bing-er Du & Fei-er Du: “The Killer’s Dance for Harp Quartet” (Harps played by Guan Wang, Qin Shi, Xue-er Du, and Yuanyuan Zhuang)

15:15-16:00 (ST)

“Composers aren’t always kind to harpists (we’re talking to you Wagner, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky). Find out how to conquer the unplayable part once and for all.”- Elizabeth Volpé Bligh

16:15-17:45 (ST)

Suzuki Workshop

Mary Kay Waddington, Kathy Kienzle and Delaine Leonard will be presenting the Suzuki teaching method at this workshop. Students of different level will perform on harp. Afterwards, a discussion and presentation of Suzuki teaching techniques and repertoire will take place.

Dance Studio #1

15:30-16:30 (Dance Studio #1)

Dance Music Workshop

Helga Storck and dancer Dr. Barbara Dutkiewicz will conduct the 3-day workshop on dance music, assisted by Julia Lopuszynska.

  1. Court dances: Pavane, Menuett, Gavotte
  2. Social dances: Waltz, Tango, Polka
  3. Polish dances: Mazurek, Polonez, Krakowiak

Hong Kong City Hall

20:00-22:00 (Hong Kong City Hall)

Evening Concert

Sands and Beyond

This stage show features Raoul Moretti and the Wuji Ensemble. The performance revolves around the theme of the Silk Road which heads to the West, through the yellow sands of the Desert, flying past the red sunset, finally arriving to the murals in the grottoes. Harpists Ann Huang, Liya Huang and Amy Tam will also take part in the program.

Grappers' Cellar

23:00-24:00 (Grappa's Cellar)

Late Night Jazz

Mary Doumany will be playing her own jazz arrangements and combined with singing