Saturday, July 8

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9:30-10:00 (Amphitheatre)

Duo Sole – Vanja Contu, harp and Valentina Nicolotti, voice (Italy)

10:30-11:30 (Amphitheatre)
Paraguayan harp virtuoso Sixto Corbalán will Present a lecture and solo performance on Techniques and Tendencies of the Contemporary Paraguayan Harp.

12-12:45 (Amphitheatre)

Featuring three of the prize-winning compositions from the 17th International Edvard Grieg Competition for Composers.

Finnish composer Vladimir Agopov (1953) won first prize with his composition “Solveig's Dreams”. Harp professor, soloist and Scandinavian harp pioneer, Willy Postma will perform the composition. This performance will be Postma’s last official concert outside Norway, and will be a celebration of her 55-year long performing career.

British composer Ailie Robertson won second prize for her composition “Eternal Recurrence”, performed by Principal Harpist at the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, Birgitte Håvik.

The Norwegian composer and harpist Uno Vesje (1989) won third prize for his “Suite for Harp”. He will perform the piece himself. The concert will also feature Uno Vesje’s other compositions for harp.

14:45-15:45 (Amphitheatre)

China Meets France
Jie Zhou, Germany based Chinese harpist, together with flutist Sibei Weng will present a program of Debussy, Chen and Jolivet.

Harpist Hanna Rabe and singer Carine Tinney will present pieces written by composers who fled and started a new life in a foreign country. Through their music they combined two identities – their roots and their new life.

16:15-17:45 (Amphitheatre)

Young Talent Concert
Featuring first prize winners of two international harp competitions:

Concert Hall

9:15-11:30 (Concert Hall)

Focus on Youth Concert
  • Jasmine Shek
    HK 16yrs
    1. Sonate pour Harpe by Germaine Tailleferre
    2. Eugene Onegin by E.A.Waiter-Kune
    3. Dancing Grain by Suen

  • Shizuko Mitani
    Japan 22yrs
    1. Dussek : Sonata in F Allegro • Allegretto (The Lass of Richmond Hill) by Dussek
    2. The Red Backed Spider from Spiders by Patterson
    3. Carnival of Venice by Posse

  • Qi Han
    China 17yrs
    1. 1st Movment of piano sonata in C by Mozart.
    2. Impromptu by Faure
    3. Theme and variations by Sancan.

  • Valerie Sim
    HK 12yrs
    1. Sonata by Dussek in c minor
    2. Oriental Dance by Khachiaturian
    3. Suzhou River fantasy by Phil Young

  • Janice Hur
    Korea 12yrs
    1. Bach - Grandjany Etude No. 6
    2. Marcel Grandjany Fantaisie pour harpe Sur un theme de. J. Haydn
    3. La Danse des Sylphes - Felix Godefroid

  • Tiffany Wong
    USA 16yrs
    1. The Children's Hour Suite (1. Into Mischief, 2. Little Angel, 3. Giddap Pony) by Grandjany
    2. Fantasie by Spohr

11:45-12:45 (Concert Hall)

Orchestra Mock Audition

Juries will be present to provide comments and feedbacks. A list of excerpts is provided below. Jury members include Karen Vaughan, Nicolas Tulliez, Baltazar Jarez, Kathy Kienzle, Anneleen Lenaerts and Isabelle Perrin.

  1. Britten- Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, harp solo and fugue entry
  2. Donizetti- harp solo from Lucia di Lammermoor (Orchestral version in D major, optional cadenza, own choice)
  3. Ravel- opening two pages of Tzigane
  4. Tchaikovsky- Swan Lake cadenza
  5. Berlioz- Symphonie Fantastique, harp 1, two pages
  6. Mahler- Symphony No.5, Adagietto
  7. Prokofiev- Violin Concerto No.1, movement 3
  8. R.Strauss- Dance of the Seven Veils from “Salome”
  9. Verdi- Force of Destiny Overture, harp 1
  10. Wagner- Magic Fire Music from Die Walküre

14:15-15:45 (Concert Hall)

Masterclass with Alice Giles
  1. Johanna Ander Ljung, (Marcel Tournier - Féerie: Prélude et Danse)
  2. Minkyung Choo, (Ravel, Introduction and Allegro)
  3. Cindy Qin, (Renie, Contemplation)

16:45-17:45 (Concert Hall)

Experimental Theatre

2017 WHC Creative Media Competition was held in 2016 to provide a platform for harpists/artists to show their creativity to produce multimedia work in coordination with harp music by combining traditional and innovative elements. This performance features some of the prize winners of the competition.
  • Fading Dream (Chan Nga Man Celia & Chiu Yuen Kei Rachel) (Honorable Mention)
  • The Lost Kingdom- Konghou (Nathania Ko) and Dance (Dongmei) presents the story of an ancient kingdom, Qiu Ci, once a powerful empire on the Silk Road. “The Sound of Qiuci”, written by Dan Hong Wang, illustrates the relation between the Konghou and this lost kingdom as both were buried under the desert for centuries. The rebirth of the Konghou depicts the awakening of Qiuci. (Honorable Mention)
  • A Night Mooring By Maple Bridge (Nan Wang) (1st Prize)
  • Ignite (GravityBallet, Yany Tse & Katie Lo) (2nd Prize)
  • Harping in the Dark (ChuChun Cheng)

Studio Theatre

9:30-10:15 Studio Theatre

Music therapist Christina Tourin and students will present a workshop on harp therapy.

10:30-11:30 Studio Theatre
A workshop presented by John Papadolias of Lyon & Healy Harps: General Harp Maintenance

11:45-12:45 Studio Theatre

Music of Paul Patterson
  • Lizard (performed by Rebecca Mcllroy)
  • Cantonese Images (world premiere, performed by Judy Ho & Jennifer Ho)

Japanese Music for soprano and harp
Aletheia Duo
  • Jonathan Keeble, flute | Ann Yeung, harp, will perform an inclusive program building on and reflecting the theme “East meets West”.

14:15-15:15 Studio Theatre

Asian Highlight(Taiwan)

  1. 卡羅琳利佐特:《銀河組曲》
    Caroline Lizotte:《Suite Galactique》(mvt II&III)
    Harp solo: Vivian Chen陳薇安 Calligraphy: Shih-Hsien Chen陳世憲

  2. 林盈婷:《Wind Chime》豎琴獨奏與電子音樂 (世界首演)
    Ying-Ting Lin:《Wind Chime》for harp solo with electronic accompaniment (World Premiere)
    Harp solo: Wei-Ching Tseng 曾韋晴

  3. 陳廷銓:《豎琴律動》為電子豎琴與預設音樂
    Ting-Chuan Chen :《Harperhythmic》for electric harp and tape
    Harp solo: Shannon Chieh解瑄

  4. 李哲藝 :《扯》豎琴獨奏與舞者 (世界首演)
    Che-Yi Lee:《Entanglement》for harp solo and dancer (World Premiere)
    Harp solo: Che-Yi Lee李哲藝 Dancer: Su Shu蘇淑

  5. 羅仕偉: 《野蠻的優雅》為兩台電子豎琴與預設音樂 (世界首演)
    Shih-Wei Lo:《Untamed Elegance》(World Premiere)
    An excerpt from a theatre of sounds for two (female) harpists
    Harps: Meng-Lu Chiu 邱孟璐 Shannon Chieh解瑄

  6. 江佳貞:《七紗舞》豎琴四重奏與flamenco舞者
    Chia-Chen Chiang :《Dance of the Seven Veils》for harp quartet and dancer
    Harps:陳淑杏 邱孟璐 管伊文 許淑婷 Flamenco Dancer: Pei-Ling Lee李珮鈴

  7. 李哲藝 :《台灣舞曲第五號》豎琴八重奏
    Che-Yi Lee:《Taiwan Dance No.5》for harp octet
    管伊文 陳淑杏 邱孟璐 曾韋晴 廖主恆 陳薇安 石楓鈺 許淑婷

16:15-17:45 (Studio Theatre)

USA International Harp Competition Composition Forum
Chaired by Ruth Inglefield, the Harp Department of Peabody Conservatory of Music will present selected pieces from the USAIHC Composition Contest.

Dance Studio #1

15:30-16:30 (Dance Studio #1)

Dance Music Workshop
Helga Storck and dancer Dr. Barbara Dutkiewicz will conduct the 3-day workshop on dance music, assisted by Julia Lopuszynska.

  1. Court dances: Pavane, Menuett, Gavotte
  2. Social dances: Waltz, Tango, Polka
  3. Polish dances: Mazurek, Polonez, Krakowiak

Hong Kong Cultural Centre

20:00-22:00 Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Evening Concert

Isabelle Moretti and Xavier de Maistre with HK Phil


23:00-24:00 (Mirage at Renaissance Hotel)

Late Night Jazz

Benjamin Creighton Griffiths will be playing solos on the electric acoustic jazz harp incorporating jazz music as well as original compositions.